Cooking up a bold new you!

Are you ready for some culinary adventure?

Planning a gap year, and learning great cooking skills will support your travelling? Do you dream of cooking in a ski chalet or on a yacht overseas perhaps? Is cooking a passion and you want to come play with some incredible local produce?                  

If you have ever found yourself guilty of thinking that life has passed you by, then this three day CULINARY ADVENTURE workshop is designed for you. We'll cook together (and when I say cook I mean with lobster and langoustine and venison!), eat together and adventure together - learning new skills (including some food photography) in the kitchen and enjoying the fabulous natural produce right on our doorstep. Drinking wine and eating cake.
The beautiful Corryvreckan Cook School overlooking
the Sound of Shuna and The Corryvreckan.

But what we are really going to do in this beautiful space- whilst we cook and whilst we eat and whilst we chat -  is to:

 Work out what it is that you would like to do if anything were possible. And then work out how to do it. 

You will enjoy the company of like minded women - keen to do something bold and something different but struggling to quite get there. With varied backgrounds and achievements, we'll learn from each other. We'll favour the informal over the formal.

And why do I think that I can help you to achieve this?

Because I have constantly re-invented myself and 
I've earned my stripes!

I've been a hotelier, a restauranteur, an author, a wedding planner, an event's caterer, a marketing advisor, a magazine editor, a food photographer and stylist, a business trainer and a whole host of other things in-between.  I've been a limited company and a sole trader. I've managed a social enterprise. I've appeared on TV and the radio, been featured many times in national magazines and newspapers. I've cooked with Nick Nairn. I've taken risks - some have worked and some have bombed! I've focussed always in trying to do work that I enjoy and intend to grow (b)older disgracefully. 

And at the centre of everything I have ever done has been the joy of cooking; sharing food with family and friends; eating around the kitchen table. Enjoying laughter and chatter that often leads to insight and wisdom and that wonderful sense of being with people who care.

You should absolutely book yourself a space on this life-shifting workshop if:

  • you love to cook and to share food with friends and family around the table
  • you're taking a gap year, and learning some WOW factor cooking skills will help you travel the world.
  • You fancy cooking in a ski chalet or on a yacht
  • you have a secret yearning to do something creative
  • you would love to have your own business
  • you are at a crossroads - divorce/redundancy/kids have left home/general 'fed-up-ness' (that is so a word!)
  • you have your own business but have lost your spark
  • you have valuable experience to share

So. It's proof you want!

Maybe you're not so sure. There's a voice in your head telling you to get over yourself and be happy with what you've got for heaven's sake. NONSENSE:

'This workshop delivered exactly what it said it would on the tin.  We cooked together and laughed together and cried together. Day 3 I woke up - looking out across blue sea to Mull - and just knew that my best was yet to come. I wish I had invested in this fabulous, life changing course and I wish I had invested in myself years ago. But I'm not wasting any more time thinking what might have been. Now I'm taking big bold steps towards opening my own artisan bakery. I feel confident and I feel like everything I have ever done before has brought me right to here!'  Alison Goodman.