Thursday, 26 May 2011

A personal project

I seem to be surrounded by wonderful, creative, inspiring people who support what I do and help me to do what I do better. Lazy Sunday has been in my head for a while; an idea simmering on the back burner whilst life and stuff took over.

I met Neils and Alie from Blue Sky Photography last year when they photographed a fabulous wedding that I catered. It was a wedding full of beautiful, colourful detail and it was great fun to be part of the visual impact that made this particular wedding very unique.

Photography by Blue Sky Photography

Neils, Alie and I spent many an hour afterwards talking about how much we love the detail in what we do and I shared with them my ideas for building a catering business that was as much about the visuals of food as it was about the flavours.
Photography by Blue Sky photography
A couple of months later we hosted the first of what we hoped would be many culinary adventures - a live cookery workshop, food styling and food photography all in one place. The really cool part? The guests were part of the whole experience - sharing our food and our table.
Photography by Blue Sky Photography
Neils and Alie  introduced me to the very lovely Stuart MacPherson of Platinum Graphics in Edinburgh. He designed my logo and helped with the brand and I loved bouncing ideas back and forward with him, and the Blue Sky duo. Stuart is very collaborative in his approach to marketing and suggested that we jointly created a food related little calendar that we could send out to clients shortly before Christmas.
Photography by Blue Sky Photography
I cooked and cooked and created recipes that I thought would work and which could be summarised in 80 words or less (Thanks Stuart, for setting me that challenge!! It certainly honed my editing skills.) Neils stopped by my house by the sea on a frosty white day and took lovely lovely pictures and the result was a little calendar - designed by Stuart - that made our respective customers happy. It made me very happy also, because that tiny little calendar has a very big voice. It speaks my style.
Photography by Blue Sky Photography
The photographs here made up the calendar and over the next few days, the recipes will follow and I hope you enjoy.
Photography by Blue Sky Photography

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