Friday, 16 September 2011

Yay...I have new business cards. Nearly. So what do you think?

I've spent the last few weeks trying to determine the feel of my business. A lot of what I 'am' is defined by what I'm not - I hate stuffiness and formality and love friends and family sitting all night long round tables, sharing generous food. I love relaxed. Smiling is better than frowning. I'm not an artist and I can't paint. But I think I have an eye for photography and can style a food shot well.

I see the wow in food, and I think I see the wow in people. I hope that my enjoyment of cooking comes across in the food that I serve. With the photo on the front (there will be 6 different cards with a different photo on each), all of the above is what I hope my new business card says.

I'd be interested in what you think! Do you get me?