Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A bit of spice, a touch of the sea.

I thought you might enjoy a recipe from a wedding a couple of years ago ; the sunny days just now are really putting me in the mood for some sunshine food!

Jacqui has been a chef on big yachts all around the world. She's a fabulous cook and asked me to prepare some of her favourite recipes for families and friends to enjoy at her relaxed and wonderfully laid back wedding. 

Her recipe for spiced mushroom soup (served as a canape in little shot glasses) was time consuming to prepare, but the result was so delicious - with a smoky undercurrent of sesame oil and woody mushrooms - spiced up with a tweaking of chilli and lots of coriander. Enjoy the recipe - it can be used in lots of ways for lots of occassions: If the weather had been hotter (as opposed to sunny but a bit chilly), we were going to serve it cold, like gazpacho. Instead, guests enjoyed a hot kick of funghi deliciousness.

Jacqui also shared with me her recipe for Asian coleslaw - lighter than our mayonnaise laden version and again with delicious sharp spices. I also roasted whole apples, honey and cinnamon glazed, to serve alongside the hog roasts.

The beautiful wedding cake below, Jacqui made herself. Simple and elegant. Unbelievably delicious. And in-between decorating it on the morning of the wedding she took a quick rib ride across the Corryvreckan. Wonderful!

Recipe for Asian spiced mushroom soup

- spiced mushroom soup.

Spiced mushroom soup (thankyou Jacqui!!)

1 litre water
dried shitake
dried porcini
2 lemongrass stalks

400g fresh shitakes
400g brown chestnut mushrooms/brown baby bella
400g oyster mushrooms
vegetable oil
toasted sesame oil
2 cloves garlic
1 red onion
3/4 chopped fresh chilies
fresh ginger - 4 inch piece, peeled and grated
3 tins unsweetened coconut milk
2 kaffir lime leaves.

Make a strongly flavoured mushroom broth by simmering dried shitakes (3 cups of mushrooms for 1 litre water) for a few hours with 2 lemongrass stalks and then allow it to cool and steep overnight. 

The following day strain off the liquid. Roast fresh shitakes, oyster, brown baby bella mushrooms/chestnut mushrooms (with 1 grated clove garlic and a sliced red onion (tossed in vegetable oil and a little toasted sesame oil, salt and pepper). Once these are soft,
 reserve some to add back into the soup later, and add the rest to the mushroom broth with 3/4 chopped fresh red chiles (heat dependant!), grated fresh ginger (lots!), 1 clove garlic, coconut milk and 2 kaffir lime leaves. Bring this back to a boil and simmer. Once the flavours have infused remove lime leaves and whiz the lot in a blender - finely chop remaining mushrooms and add them to the soup, with chopped fresh coriander and spring onions. Can add a squeeze of fresh lime at the end if serving cold.

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