Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The lovely Lisa and Matt

For a while, it seemed like Lisa and Matt's wedding at Lunga would never get here, and then suddenly, the sun came out and the day of their wedding dawned. Lisa is beautiful. She was very beautiful on her wedding day. Her guests were lovely - relaxed and undemanding and appreciative of everything that everyone did because we all wanted Lisa's day to be perfect. And it was.

The menu was simple. Chicken liver pate followed by lamb shanks followed by chocolate mousse in teacups. I love serving desserts like this not least because they look soooo pretty all clustered together. A cluster of teacups. A clutter of teacups. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. 

Canapes were also simple. Little fish skewers. Hummus and pancetta tarts with basil. Other nibbly bits.

I added grated orange zest and a very large dash of Grand Marnier to the mousse. And I made little shortbread hearts, because I like them too. And so does Lisa.

I never really see what goes on out front when I'm busy out back, but the plates came back empty, so that's always a good sign!!

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Calico Kate said...

Love a clutter of teacups, but what a bout a 'clatter'?!