Thursday, 14 June 2012

Moved to tears.

'My beautiful bride with the clutter of chocolate teacups wrote to me today:

'We had been lucky enough to sample Carole's food at a previous wedding - another reason we were instantly sold! The planning of the food (from our end) was a 15-minute, friendly and lovely conversation with Carole on the phone one evening - the result? Absolute perfection and deliciousness!! We were delighted!

To describe the food  - detail is everything. From the canapes, which were a work of art, to the gorgeous chocolate mousse tea cups with heart-shaped shortbread, everything was just perfect. And, as at the previous wedding I had been to that Carole had catered for - for the remainder of the evening (and into the next day!) all the guests seemed to rave about was... the lamb!! Delicious.

We can't thank you enough for everything, from start to finish - you really added the extra touch to make our wedding so perfect.'

I was genuinely moved by this - Lisa is such a gentle beautiful girl who simply wanted her family and friends to feel loved and valued and welcomed on the day of her wedding. She wanted generous, nourishing, hearty food with a kick of quirk - nothing pretentious. So to know that her guests were still excited one day later about the food I served made me happy. 

I emailed Lisa a thankyou for her thankyou and she emailed me more lovely words:

"Its been so lovely meeting you Carole, I hope we keep in touch (and I hope I get to taste your delicious food again!!) - I would recommend you to anyone and wish you every success with Lazy Sunday - myself and my family are certainly fans! 

From the bottom of my heart - thank you. For making our wedding  a reality. For answering my (MANY) questions. And for putting my mind at rest so many times during the process and making me remember why it was we were getting married instead of panicking about minor details!

Your are one of the worlds shiniest stars!'

And then I cry.

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Calico Kate said...

Awww! But so true Carole 'Shiny star' Fitzg.
Not just an amazing caterer but an incredible friend too.