Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We're not just about the food. We've also got your back!

Couples write me the loveliest letters and cards after their wedding - well, they come to me (in the post - which I love) but are, of course, really a thank-you addressed to the whole Lazy Sunday team. I was wondering recently why I was so moved by one such thank-you . In it, the bride wrote that the food was wonderful, which as her wedding caterer was lovely to hear, because at the end of the day, that’s the whole point. But she also referred to me as ‘one of the world’s shiniest stars’ and that I had reminded her of  ‘why she was getting married' instead of panicking about minor details.’

When I first started in wedding catering I was barely ever able to step out of the kitchen Occasionally I would sneak out with my camera to photograph some of the detail. I loved then, and still do now, seeing my lovely brides for the first time in their dresses, and usually I cry at this point because without doubt every single time I really do feel like I have got to know these lovely people.

Now, the Lazy Sunday Shiny Star team is growing and I can honestly say that, for each and everyone of us,  it’s not just about the food that we produce on the day. The reason that I love sneaking out to see the detail, and the colour, and granny in her queen mum hat and groom nervously refining his speech in a corner is because usually I will have met with the bride and groom, or spoken with them on the phone. Lots. Often, discussing the food is relatively straightforward – you quickly get a sense of how the day will unfold and the kind of menu that would best suit the spirit of the occasion and the personalities of the people involved.

And then the talk becomes something more: A gradual getting to know; an understanding of personalities; an awareness that there are underlying worries that perhaps can’t be shared with friends and family too closely involved. And before you know it, you really really care about these lovely lovely people because for a while they are part of your world and you are part of theirs. And you help when you can with whatever you can. ‘Virtual valium’ is how I was once referred to a long time ago by one of my first ever grooms- to - be and gosh that made me happy. And when, recently, I have been bringing people on board to work with me, and as I write this now, I realise that they have all passed the 'virtual valium' test.  They're calming and they care, not just about the timings of your day or whether the food is hot or not (you get my point!) but that everything - that all elusive sense of how you imagined your day to be - is exactly how you wanted it to be. We've got your back.

And I guess it's also why food is so central to what we do. We've been told many times recently that we're so 'on trend' with the type of sharing, family style, generous, wholesome and visually WOW food that we serve. That was never our intention and I'm not really bothered whether we're on trend or not. The type of food we serve, and the way we serve it, is how I've always loved to eat. With friends. With family. With noisy chatter and laughter. Making people feel looked after and welcomed into your home. So the food we serve, the way we serve it, stems from that very very very deep rooted intention to make your guests simply feel 'at home' at your wedding: As if they could kick of their darn shoes, lounge on your virtual sofa and enjoy a good old knees up taboot.

I’ve been very fortunate (cue soft music!!) over the years that I have been involved in the wedding industry that all of my brides and grooms have been quite simply the nicest of people: The kind of people that you would choose to have in your life and for whom you wish all the wonderful things in their lives also. How lucky is that and how lucky am I.

And that is why thank you's to The Lazy Sunday team move us so much. We didn't just cook good food for you. We looked after you, and your friends, and your family. The best that we possibly could.