Monday, 31 December 2012

Lillian and Leonard's favourite caterer? Me!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh

I've worked with Lillian and Leonard a lot over the last few years. I love their relaxed, unintrusive, beautiful wedding photography. I also love that they are the nicest couple imagineable. I think, often, brides and grooms pick their suppliers based on 'feeling' as much as anything else. Are these people, these suppliers, people that we would like to be a part of our wedding? Will they relax into our day. Will they 'get us.' Will what they do reflect who we are? Big questions when you're planning the biggest day of your lives.

I am, therefore, incredibly flattered that Cara and Nye (the photographers who are Lillian and Leonard) referred to me as their favourite caterer whilst blogging the wonderful wedding of Lou and Craig at Aultmore House. The most fabulous Autumn day. The loveliest bride and groom. The most relaxed ambience imagineable - parents and friends and family popped in and out of the kitchen as we cooked; chatting and sharing recipes and stirring pots and appreciating that everything we do is fresh and seasonal and generous and delicious. And Cara and Nye taking the pictures that you knew would absolutely capture the absolute essence of a beautiful day and a beautiful couple.

So thankyou Cara and Nye. I hope that your move to London brings you a wonderful 2013, but look forward to working with you again in Scotland whenever we can!

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