Monday 19 August 2013

Secret location

 A Canadian style log cabin on a cliff by the sea. A tepee in the woods. Roaring fire on a stormy day. Long sandy beach with white tipped waves. A sunset. And a rainbow. A bbq with langoustines and slow baked whole salmon fillet. Chocolate cake and coffee cake and big bunting and little bunting.

The bride was ethereal and beautiful - in the simplest of dresses with an antique veil and a topaz blue pashmina. They ate in the tepee and partied in the tepee and sat in front of a huge log fire in the cabin to watch the sun set and day turn into night. The gentlest of days.

All of this. All of this lovely loveliness. In a secret location where I got to cook and be happy. I could tell you where this is, of course, because it's available to hire. But then I'd have to kill you!