Sunday, 9 March 2014

Let the wedding season begin!!

I'm feeling slightly apprehensive this lazy Sunday. I've had a couple of months of relative calm - responding to enquiries online, meeting with brides, visiting new venues (The Byre at InchyraFingask CastleTullibole CastleErrol Park) some tastings and planning out the months ahead. But next weekend I have my first wedding of the year and I realise that it's back full swing into full on!

This happens to me every year - nervousness before my first of lots of weddings because I want everything to be just so. And getting to just so involves a lot - A LOT - of hard work and hard thinking and hard co-ordination. I get a bit scared.

Then yesterday I met with a lovely bride to be and her mum who have booked me to cater for what will be a beautiful Tipi wedding at Tullibole Castle in the Autumn of this year. In her excitement (only engaged a month), this bride to be reminded me of why I really enjoy what I do; it's the coming togetherness of it all:  From that very first communication, to the planning and finally - like next weekend - to the day itself. When all of the individual bits of uniqueness and loveliness come together and here comes the bride in the perfect dress and emotions run high and everything comes together just like it should. And you totally get that this day - this wedding day - is the sum of all of that has gone before and that this day is uniquely special and uniquely different and a total reflection of the wonderful couple nervously and excitedly getting married.

And I get to be a small part of this. Which is awesome.

So this Lazy Sunday I am gently tidying and sorting; remembering and getting ready. Like an expectant mum in her last few days before baby arrives. Nesting. Before life shifts up a glorious gear.

Last year was wonderful - take a look.

And happy Lazy Sunday!

Hannah's lovely wedding at Dairsie Castle

Afternoon tea anyone


A taste of what we do

Langoustine platter

twig lollipops

nearly gone!

a wee tasting platter

goat's cheese and red onion marmalade tart

Eastern spiced mushroom shots


hello and congratulations!

Slightly wonky bare naked cake

Secret Log Cabin
Secret log cabin as the sun goes down

Afternoon tea

More bare naked cake

The wonderful Byre at Inchyra

The Byre at Inchyra


Then a holiday after the last wedding of the year!!!

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