Sunday, 6 April 2014

A misty backdrop to a beautiful day

I hadn't met yesterday's bride, Nikki, until the day before the wedding. She lives in Australia and we've chatted lots over the phone and by email and I was really looking forward to putting a face to the name that I had gotten to know so well over the last few months.

The wedding ceremony took place on the edge of Lochearn - a sketchy line of gentle mist separating the sky from the loch below. I love this area - we spent a lot of time when the children were young camping and sailing and cycling so it was all soooo familiar. Afterwards, everyone came back to the Mclaren Village Hall in Killin for dinner and a knees up and for the first time I saw Nikki in her beautiful beautiful dress. My photos of her are rubbish - we were really busy in the kitchen - so it is very fortunate that the fabulous Cara and Nye, of Lillian and Leonard fame, were there to do this beautiful lady justice. I am so excited to see their images.

The menu was a simple one. Scallops on pea puree with apple crisp and lemon and apple oil, Persian spiced perthshire lamb with couscous and then a dessert table of wee victoria sponges (although they ended up not being so wee, but people didn't seem to mind); lemon tarts; cardamom chocolate mousses with  white chocolate and pistachio meringues and then a tier of custard tarts. Altogether, it was the gentlest of days - exactly what beautiful Nikki wanted I was so so so so proud to be a part of it.

I'll post Lillian and Leonards link to the 'real' photographs soon, but did manage to get a couple of shots of my AWESOME dessert table just before everyone arrived and things got busy!!

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