Thursday, 22 May 2014

Things to do when you don't want to be doing the things you should be doing!!

I don't know about you, but when I have a to do list as long as my arm (which I do have, and which includes things like 'sort out receipts' and 'iron aprons') I often find myself doing the kind of displacement activity which others might possibly refer to as procrastination. So today I find myself usefully taking photographs of bits of my house. Then posting them here to my blog because the activity of 'posting' is not procrastination, right? It's work. 

I convince myself of this quite easily - and have happily spent the last hour snapping away and acting out that inner dialogue which justifies the worthiness of this simple, exceedingly satisfying and clearly work essential chore. 'You'll get to know a bit more about my style,' the voice in my head says. '..and then you'll see that stuff not matching is actually quite a good look.' Worryingly, the other voice in my head is shouting really loudly now: 'Get back to sorting out those receipts.' 

So before I do (and I will - once I've sorted out my crockery, tried out a couple of recipe ideas and phoned each of my three grown up children because I haven't heard their lovely voices since at least....yesterday), here's a little peek inside my house. By the sea. And where I easily lose myself.
Love my blue crockery. And that my chive crop is loving this sun rain sun rain spring so much that I now have chive flowers with everything!

I lit a candle today because it's a dull grey outside.

I'm an avid collector of old hardbacks - particularly if they are sea related. They get put to good use, as you can sea (HA!)

My lovely friend Gill is moving and gave me the teapot. I had to fill it.

More books. And this chinaman bust was made by my husband's father. He was a professional trumpet player. After his first stroke he had to give up playing the trumpet. Instead, he taught himself to play the piano and also started sculpting in clay. This was his first piece. It means a lot.

My favourite blue plates. In the background is Elizabeth David's breadmaking bible.

My husband made this tall driftwood lamp for me. It is one of the things I would rescue in the event of a fire, along with my family photographs and the chinaman bust.

My lovely friend Kate makes me lovely things. The rug is a present from her and the wall hanging is a beautiful felted piece made by her and precious to me.

A favourite bowl holds some of the thankyou notes from my lovely brides.
Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

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Kate MacDonald said...

What a beautiful look behind the scenes. But still wish you were just down the lane again.