Thursday, 7 May 2015

A secret Barnquee. A rustic Apple Store. A Castle. Yes. You can have it all!

We're very lucky to be involved in the birthing of some of the most amazing venues here in Scotland. I feel very emotional when I think about this, because I know the blood sweat and tears that goes into creating the kind of spaces and places that will play such an important, unforgettable part in making wedding celebrations so very very very special.

Every single venue that we are lucky enough to work with is unique - and for so many different reasons: Super cool; deliciously rustic; completely eccentric - underlying all of this, always, is a loveliness that takes your breath away. And a sense that you are playing a very small part in something really really special.

So, this Sunday we were part of the first ever event in a wonderful BARNQUEE in the grounds of the lovely Myres Castle (just outside Auchtermuchty). And the weather couldn't have been worse. Torrential, monsoon rains made sure that it wasn't just a lovely little boy who was being Christened, but the amazing BARNQUEE as well. The plan for getting lots of photos outside didn't really go according to plan - DRAT. I really wanted you all to see the BARNQUEE in all its glory. There's a rustic tin roofed apple store for your ceremony; or for your chill area; or just to play in. And the BARNQUEE - with its rustic wooden entrance porch, old wooden floor, tree trunk supports and sides that lift WHEN THE SUN SHINES so that you feel like you are sitting outside.

Surrounded by wonderful trees on the edge of the stunning gardens, ponds (hippo infested - I kid you not)  and with the lovely Myres castle (stunning interior!) as the dramatic backdrop there is a sense of village green loveliness about what Amanda and Henry and their superstar gardener Matthew have created.

Take a look at the photos below. Some pre-conception. Some during the 9 month gestation period. And a few from the the lovely Christening - and the accompanying monsoon conditions. Oh my goodness - how it rained. 

The plan had been to fill inside with cherry blossom - rain put stop to that plan. So I was feeling a bit deflated en route -sad that we couldn't do as we'd planned. Kasia, however, my lovely lovely wonderful wedding organiser and maker of everything beautiful had other plans - and had raided her loft for daughter Ola's teddies and toys and had created a bit of a children's wonderland - details that were totally in keeping with the day. She made me teary because it was so unexpected and so lovely.

I give you.... the BARNQUEE at Myres Castle. Ta DAAAAAAA!!

The Barnquee has a natural stone wall at the bar end, and can seat upto 160. If you look behind the duck you can see the lovely rustic apple store. The soil area is quickly turning into grass and will create a lovely village green feel.

The Barnquee is a beautifully light space with timber roof supports and glass windows as you can see. The supports are tree trunks. Cool.

We made a bare naked christening cake. Lemon curd and mascarpone filling with blueberries, brambles and mint. Lovely Ola put the whole cake together for me.

We styled a photo shoot there in the Autumn - along with the amazing photos by zoe. You get a sense here of the grounds and the trees surrounding the BARNQUEE.  And where else can you make your very own twigwam.

Some of the lovely detail added by Kasia to create an atmosphere that children and their parents would enjoy. 
Children had a lot of fun with Kasia's picnic bears

Look at the lovely moss tinge on the stone wall. And the tree trunk benches.

How lovely is this space!

Facing the bar

Where's my champagne!!! 

This gives you a sense of the scale of the BARNQUEE - you can see the lovely rustic wooden entrance porch on the left.