Monday, 31 August 2015

The Byre at Inchyra's lower byre was a perfect setting for TWO GRAZING TABLES. Not one. Two!!!

Stephanie and Chris's wedding at The Byre at Inchyra was stupendous. Think neon meets farmyard; the most awesome mum, Alex, who practically crafted the detail herself; a wood turning uncle whose hand-made wooden mushrooms made beautiful place settings. Pom Poms. Willow. The troughs filled with Myrtle and Bracken's totally stunning late summer floristry and foliage. Sunflowers - my favourite flower - sunflowers everywhere. I defy anyone not to smile in the face of a sunflower.

So with all this going on, our food had a heck of a lot to live up to. Instead of canapes and starters, Stephanie wanted to combine these elements into two jaw-dropping grazing tables. One seafood and shellfish. One Charcuterie, pies, pates, breads and dips, drizzles and dunks. The idea of a grazing table, I think, is that it should be visually WOW enough to encourage guests to literally graze to their hearts' content - so we design them in the round. It's finger style food with a twist: Think parma ham wrapped asparagus; Scottish charcuterie; pork rillette; garlic breads and bawls; home-made arrancini and haggis baws; langoustines; mackerel pate; hot pies and cold pies.

We were just a little wary of the weather on Saturday (in the end there was nothing to worry about!) so Kasia set the grazing tables up on the lower byre - the perfect space for people to graze.

So take a look and enjoy.

Wee pork rillette spoons (taken on Kasia's iphone)

I spy pies (taken from Kasia's iphone)

It does what it says on the tin! (taken from Kasia's iphone)

the meaty grazing table (taken from Kasia's iphone

the fish station (taken with kasia's iphone)

Taken with Kasia's iphone 
Stephen adding the finishing touches (taken with Kasia's iphone)

All the little extras (taken with Kasia's iphone)

Yep. Life size scarecrows. NB Kasia is not a dummy!

And the sky was blue!

Loved this 'thankyou' station - thanking so many friend and family who had helped to make Stephanie and Chris's day perfect!

The fabulous highland cow topped cake

Marcie setting up the prosecco bar just outside the barn doors at The Byre at Inchyra

strawberries anyone!

Some of Myrtle and Brackens beautiful arrangements.

A pompom tree. Dear Santa....

Melon rosemary skewers for the prosecco station

Wee pompom trees - one per table. Look closely and you'll see that there are also silk leaves. The glass vase is filled with bark, moss and pebbles and the whole thing looked fabulous!

The grazing tables before the food!


Pompom heaven

In fact... a pompom forest

Uncle's beautiful wood turned bowls. Really really beautiful.

Detail of the sunflower filled troughs

The sunflower filled troughs were stunning.