Monday, 19 September 2016

Autumn - my favourite season!

 I love this time of year. I love the sound of autumn dropping by. I love nesting and potting and panning and putting by for the winter months. I used to love plums but after this week's marathon plum fest, they've dropped off my Christmas card list and maybe a whole treefall of plums is actually rather a lot to 'do something with'.

I fancy plum frangipane tart with rhubarb and ginger ice-cream for pudding - actually I could feed an entire wedding party with the 15 tons of plums that I have left, but will prepare only 4 little tarts, to be served warm. I've also just made some plum mostada, some plum chutney and a few plum crumbles- which freeze really well! Oh, and plum jam - which will provide the delicious filling for a few bare naked wedding cakes. The recipe is below (granny related sugar is how my son used to pronounce granulated - just in case you're wondering!!)

My two fledgling apple trees have also produced a great crop- but I've given up collecting the few that are left because the pesky wasps have beaten me to it. So tonight I'm making apple spiral bread that my trusty other half will eat most of despite determining to avoid carbohydrates: the smell of bread baking is equally as tempting as the sizzle of bacon in a pan. Just saying!

So a week of self-preservation. Just as well I like Autumn, otherwise I surely would be plum crazy.