Saturday 2 November 2019

Our Retreat called Nourish and Nurture.....

.....was everything Ali and I hoped it would be and so much more. A fabulous gathering of beautifully creative women who arrived both excited and trepidatious (I'm sure that's a word) to our beautiful home from home for  a week. 

In my head I imagined everyone arriving and stopping dead in their tracks when they saw our space and our view and our setting. It helped, of course, that the sun shone all week and that the moon was full, and that the beach was empty and the waves tiptoed gently in and then out again - almost as if the beautiful East Neuk had decided to dress up for this very special occasion. And goodness, the reaction we had imagined was absolutely a thing - everyone drawn to the incredible view, the verandah over the beach, the fire, the table set for dinner that night.

Over the next few days we were totally engrossed in making and doing  and sharing food around our beautiful table. We ate outside one evening, under a full moon and a starry sky. We picnicked and pottered, learning new things, sharing new skills, playing, eating, making journal.  Repeat.

When your guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends, nourished and nurtured and happy and inspired, both Ali and I sat together that last morning and knew that we had created something just a little bit magical and a little bit special. And that made us happy. Really really happy.

a little section of our props table

Getting started

Baskets were essential

Welcome boxes

We soaked a cedar plank in water for 2 days and then set it on fire and cooked sides of salmon on it over the BBQ coals

Magical night of food and photos and chatter and blether

I like everything to be beautiful so look what they did to my left overs. Yep. Beautiful

Betty brought her recipe book and made us lavender shortbread and scones

Bramble and yoghurt breakfast jars

Beautiful spot to reflect

A beautiful journal created to tell the story of family and friends round the table

We made tags for doors

My little figaro was so at home

flatbreads and photography (with some excellent cooking from Debbie)

Said flatbreads

G in tree

Delicious griddled nectarines

and griddled fennel

My trusty whisk and the beginnings of Persian kuku

Jills journal started to look a lot like Christmas!

Joanne serving up our kuku

We always need cake

When everyone left it was just Ali and I. 

We crafted with old maps
Mairi making brownies

And wrapping them up for a picnic

Chitter chatter

oil rigs at rest

Every night we drifted outdoors

We styled our tables every night. Place names by Ali

Foraged bits

'Time for a picnic,' wrote Debbie. Not knowing that it was indeed. 

Our beautiful view through the window

The sun creating dancing shadows
Debbie shared some of her Israeli Lebanese heritage by making Shatsuka for breakfast


As the night drew in

ready to go home

Quiet making time

Beautiful journal coming together

Wonderful dinners

And picnicking outside

favourite spot by the fire

Learning new things

and journals coming together

Tuesday 9 July 2019


How can it possibly already even be July!

I don't know about you but the year seems to be racing by and I realise that I rarely stop to update here. Which is a shame because we have catered THE most fabulous weddings in THE most fabulous venues and if you were to ask me how I feel, I would say incredibly lucky to be doing what we do. And incredibly lucky to work with such genuinely lovely inventive, creative couples who trust us with their day.

I was chatting today with a lovely lady from Carrick Castle Estate as we have an enquiry for a wedding there. I mentioned that our motto at Lazy Sunday is that 'everything has to be beautiful' and the thought popped into my head that I probably don't explain what we mean by this enough.

So, what does 'everything has to be beautiful' look like? Well, when  you meet any member of our team they will make you feel happy. When you come to a tasting we do it long table style with beautifully dressed tables and food that will create a sense of celebration. Our co-ordinators on the day will work with the venues, the florists, the photographers in any way that they can so that our couples can focus on getting ready for their day. Our food is beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat. Our service is friendly, relaxed and totally on point -we will do anything and everything in our power to help in any way that we possibly can. Our uniforms are pink and cream because we're at a wedding not a funeral. Our chefs love what they do and will do whatever it takes. Our attention to detail is everything - so that every element is genuinely beautiful. Does that explain?

I realise as I write all of this that all of the above is only possible and beautiful because of the genuinely wonderful people who make up the Lazy Sunday team. They all have character and personality and smiles that reach their eyes. As I said at the start, I feel very very very lucky.