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That Lazy Sunday Feeling...

...You know that feeling when you kick off your shoes on a Sunday afternoon and chill with family and friends? That’s the Lazy Sunday feeling. It’s about sharing generous, simple, home-made food and hospitality in the most relaxed and uncontrived of atmospheres. It’s about doing less to food rather than more. It’s about bringing together the very best of local and seasonal ingredients to create sensationally relaxed gatherings of people happy to chitter chatter their way through dip, drizzle and dunk nibbles. It’s everything that formality isn’t. It’s feasting without the fuss.
So if you’re getting married or throwing a party anytime soon and you would like your guests to feel relaxed and welcomed; if you’d like their tastebuds to be teased and their senses wowed by the aroma of delicious food cooking and looking fabulous; if you’d like to be totally relaxed yourselves in the knowledge that in the kitchen your unique and ‘chosen by you menu’ is being crafted with a very large dollop of love thrown in, then you are very much of the Lazy Sunday persuasion!

Plated, Sharing Style, Picnic or all of the above...

...our favourite part of what we do is working with YOU to create a feast that your guests will love and recognise as totally YOU. We want to eek out of you both your favourite foods; your favourite places; the style of food you most enjoy; what foods make you happy and why. Only once we understand exactly what makes your foodie hearts sing do we start to plan a feast that will totally totally WOW your guests.

Me?? The boring bit!

I'm a cook...

Sharing food with friends and family round a big kitchen table has always been one of the most important things in my life. It started when my children were small and continues to this day. I wish it could be Christmas every day.                                                                                                                                                                    
I like food that is wholesome and generous and beautiful to look at and nourishing and good for the soul. Whether I am catering for a wedding or a birthday; whether it's food for two or food for a hundred - I cook the same way. 

I like the people that I cook for to feel that they are enjoying the nicest Lazy Sunday ever - totally relaxed, totally indulgent and totally totally special.

My family are more important to me than anything else in my whole wide world.

I have 3 fabulous grown up children who make me proud and happy every single day. They are true to themselves and are following their passions. My husband is the best father I know. And as of June 2019 I have become a nonna to a beautiful grandson and suddenly the world is even more precious and I look forward to all of the joy having him around the table with us all will bring!


I love to travel, to read and to walk along deserted beaches collecting driftwood. I love to sail. I love the sun and I love the rain. I love to watch the weather rolling past my window. My friends make me happy. I love art galleries more than I like shopping. I love inventive creative cooks. I love wine and chocolate. I love my lovely brides and I always cry at weddings. I've been described as virtual valium for stressed out grooms. I'm good at bringing out the best in people. I like to laugh. I'm never without my camera. Interpreting my love of food visually is really important to me. I wish I could paint. And I care more than I could ever say that the feasts that we create are everything and more than you could ever imagine it to be.

Lazy Sunday 
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