Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A lovely cut glass vintage bowl...

...is all you need to show off delicious rosewater meringues with strawberries and cream.


Calico Kate said...

Very lovely.
Nan used to have a set of small ice cream dishes just like this (only littler). We would have her homemade chocolate ice cream out of them, think back now the colour combination was perfect, the soft almost pinky brown ice cream and then the pink of the glass. There were always fluted spoons too. Very frustrating as they didn't clean the bottom of the bowls properly. Thank goodness for fingers!

Carole Fitzgerald said...

I love the colour of my beautiful cut glass bowl and I know exactly the kind of wee ice cream dishes you are talking about. It's funny how things such as this remind you of special times so much more than plain white ikea crockery ever will.. (Sorry Ikea, I love lots of your things but I love my beautiful cut glass bowl a whole lot more!)