Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A wee Berwick

So. The forecast was awful across the UK. Cheap flights weren't. And the thought of driving far in the car when I drive so much anyway was just not appetising.

So we got in the car and decided that we would drive for a maximum of 2 hours and see where we got to. Berwick upon Tweed. England (although I didn't know that Berwick was in England until somebody told me so.) Fabulous little town with excellent shops, a big wall and a wonderful restaurant with rooms that made us feel like we were luxuriating in luxury. Sallyport holds a prestigious gold award and it's well deserved. Really, really well deserved.

Home-made granola for breakfast, rustic bread and oils and olives for snacks and apricot frangipane tart to die for.

fabulous interiors

by the river

local cheeses with home-made oatcakes, rustic breads and olives