Wednesday, 24 August 2011

An Award from TripAdvisor for my lovely girl

My lovely eldest, Kirsty, has The Hidden Lane Tearoom in Glasgow. Tucked away in a courtyard of craftspeople and musicians primarily, you wouldn't know it was there. Typical of the local council, she's not allowed to put a blackboard on the street to prompt people down the lane, so the fact that her little tearoom is so popular is because she has made it so. Fabulous baking and light lunches served on her ever growing collection of vintage crockery, a very warm welcome, brilliant music and a very happy and relaxed atmosphere have won here a top listing in The List, Glasgow's 2nd best tearoom (after only 9 months of being opened) and now a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE from TripAdvisor.

She works incredibly long hours, does all of the baking and cooking herself (and often provides me with wonderful cakes for occassions that I am catering for) and is constantly working to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly difficult economy.

So, Kirsty Fitzgerald, a huge WELL DONE from me. I am proud of you and of what you have achieved.

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Calico Kate said...

Very well done indeed and very well deserved.