Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm footering for a couple of days...

...tidying and organising. I have this weekend off, which means I'm not quite yet at the manic prep stage. The next wedding at Lunga is Christine and Scott's - I am besides myself with excitement at how beautiful this is going to be - and there's a lot of finishing details although the food itself is going to be substantial and generous as feasting without the fuss should be. But Christine is going for a certain look and I want to reflect this in everything that I do.

So, in advance of a busy few days, I've played with the camera on my iphone (if anyone could recommend which Hipstomatic app I should opt for I would be grateful, but already I am in love with the slow shutter app!) and begun to tidy and organise my food styling props. I use these when I actually have the time to style a shot - when I'm in full catering mode it's whatever is to hand, although I do often find the same key platters and crockery tends to appear over and over again. I don't hoard stuff that doesn't get used, as that seems to defeat the purpose really.

I have found some delicious bits and pieces recently at the lovely little Barbreck Farm shop down a little track by Ardfern. Owned by the lovely Katie, she has a very good eye and is hoping to grow the 'vintage' side of things to support the fabulous local produce that she already sells. Bit of a lethal shop - I came away at the weekend with a secret present for someone else that I soooo want to keep for myself, a lovely bone handled knife, some crockery and a large oak, glass fronted cabinet to keep my cookery books in. Actually - I need about 3 of them to hold my entire collection, but this is at least a start!

And finally I have got round to tidying up my herb garden. We live by the Firth of Forth. It's windy and growing things has proved to be a bit of a challenge. Herbs, however, do very well - mainly, I think, because they are low level and I haven't attempted to grow anything tall except for parsley which is now pinned against a wall.


A Trifle Rushed said...

Carole, more wonderful photos!! Do the shops you use have web or email access? I know I won't get up to Scotland myself!

Calico Kate said...

Oh I do love a geranium or ten! This is really pretty, as is the herb garden. I hope the mint is in buried pots or else you might find you have a mint garden!
All Lovely