Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Planning ahead - my brain is full!

August is proving to be very busy at Lunga: Two new Mr and Mrs celebrations, a 50th and a 60th birthday, several barbeques and lots of menu planning for September/October. 

So my brain feels very full at the moment as I try to work out the logistics - Eilidh's wedding this weekend has opted for the shellfish platter to start with and so I'm thankful that the weather is good and I don't have to worry about langoustine not being landed. I've also ordered squat lobster - incredibly ugly shellfish with a mega sharp point to ward off predators. That would be me!

I've ordered 80 duck breast and am picking raspberries tomorrow from a farm just outside Elie; Im going to reduce them down with orange juice, red wine and rosemary on Saturday and that will be a fabulous sauce for the duck - which requires no more than a flash in the pan to seal the fatty side and then baking in the oven for about 8 minutes. Tomorrow I am also making 8 large tarte citron for dessert, so have just made the pastry in advance of an early morning start. I love making pastry. Watching it come together in the food processor is sooo satisfying.

Vegetarians are having pear and toasted walnut salad to start - with a lovely honey dressing, and then goat's cheese tarlet on roasted summer vegetables as a main course. So I'm organised, but at that slightly manic stage of double checking my ordering and making sure that I haven't forgotten something really obvious. Like the langoustines!

Fortunately, I am able to pick the majority of herbs and lettuces from my garden. Rain, sun, rain, sun is an excellent cultivator, although my parsley has gone to seed and my mint has pretty much swamped the small patch that it was originally allocated.  And I have chives and lavender coming out of my ears.

My gone to seed parsley, some lemon balm and some lavender
So I'm getting there. Raspberry picking will be a relaxing treat. I splashed out on Plenty by Ottolenghi today - serious bed time reading and also inspiration for a vegetarian wedding in October -  and the forecast is good which means that I don't have to send my husband traipsing the West Coast in search of crustaceans. So far, so good!


A Trifle Rushed said...

You do sound busy. Love the food and your herb jar - did you buy it or etch it yourself?

Carole Fitzgerald said...

Wish I could pretend the latter, but actually bought it from a lovely shop in Edinburgh -
I have a somewhat obsessive obsession with things like this and consequently have hundreds of single and mismatched pieces which actually look lovely when piled together!

Calico Kate said...

This is making me hungry! Can I come? - just to the eating bit!
Lovely pics

anna and the ring said...

I couldn't get past the langoustines. Yum.