Monday, 8 August 2011

With the minimum of fuss...

At a lovely Lunga wedding on Saturday that had the minimum of fuss, the loveliest of friends and family EVER, and quite possibly the nicest mum imaginable, Eilidh and Martin were serenaded by people who care so much about them that it made my heart thump.

Singing with soul.

The food? I couldn't take many pictures because we were full on in the kitchen. Shellfish platters, piled high with langoustines and scallops and queenies and gravalax cured in Sailor Gerry's rum (my husband Gerry's favourite tipple and he doesn't know that it is a jolly secret ingredient that makes a side of salmon zing). Roast breast of duck with gingery leeks and precarious potato towers that stayed tall, which was something of both a miracle and a relief, and then tarte au citron with balsamic strawberries that I picked myself; (obviously, they were balsamic-less at the point of picking!).

Poached pears with honey and walnuts, shellfish platters ready to go and the long walk from kitchen to ballroom.

When it all comes together.
I peaked out at their wedding only a few times,  and my heart thumped each time. Late at night, in the fine Scottish drizzle, an entire wedding party was gently heralded outside.  A rainbow of  umbrellas, sparkly sparklers and suddenly.. mum's surprise. A sky full of falling silver stars, then gold ones, then big noise and little noise. From the sidelines, where I stood, knowing that no-one but Morag Mum had known that such loveliness was going to burst across a cloudy sky, I felt like a child again. Unable to contain my own excitement. And if I could bottle the sentiment of a special special day, then I would choose Eilidh's.

Eilidh's brother was the photographer and I got a glimpse of some of his photos on Sunday. He has promised to send me copies so that I can share some more of the fun and laughter and joy that surrounded a day that made my heart sing.