Friday, 22 August 2014

An Australian bride. Pinterest inspiration. Beautiful beautiful detail.

When we arrived at Altskeith House, Felicity was in the prep kitchen - just back from an early morning run along the beautiful shores of Loch Ard. She was putting the finishing touches of strawberry cream icing to one of three cakes she had made. 

Felicity and I hadn't met before, but had spoken on the phone lots and emailed back and forward. I knew her day was going to be beautiful, and hand crafted - we had squeeked over pinterest images many a time - but it was only on seeing everything that this lovely bride to be had ACTUALLY done that made me realise that we were truly working with creative loveliness here. 

This was to be a day like no other. Australian bride who designed her own stunning dress. Scottish groom who calmed his lovely girl when things got a bit overwhelming just for a moment. A vegetarian/pescatarian feast that included sweet potato burger buns, feta and watermelon salad, Turkish Pide (flat breads) with crab, avocado and watercress, edible flowers, chocolate and walnut brownies. The favours were hand made (by Felicity) - wooden anti pasti boards bound in tartan ribbon (read the label on one of them below and you'll see what I mean).  This day was truly about bringing the outside in, celebrating the freshest of flavours and foods. Filling a day with laid back prettiness - chunks of logs with flowers loosely arranged in jars and in bottles. Candles. Herbs by each setting and potted herbs in tin pots with chalkboarded table numbers. We added our Lazy Sunday touches with fishing baskets and sledge and vintage suitcases and candles. We hung bunting and made use of the Australian potato sacks as part of the over all look of natural fabrics and fibres (there had been sack races the day before!)

The weather was kind in the end. We had storm clouds and torrential, olive sized rain drops. But at just the right time, the sun came out and Felicity was able to be married under the big oak tree at the side of Loch Ard. Exactly how she had imagined it to be.

The day was poignant also. Felicity's mum wasn't able to make the journey over from Australia. But woven into the lovely 'footwear' that was part of her barefoot look, was a lace flower from her mother's wedding dress. A beautiful, simple, lovely gesture to have her mum walk with her. This was my very favourite handmade piece of the day. It is often the smallest of detail that speaks with the loudest voice.

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Carolyn McKay said...

Oh MY WORD! This is just beautiful! I love her bear feet look and the favours...they are just fantastic.