Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tullibole Castle Open Day

I love Tullibole Castle. Totally tucked away, yet totally accessible, it's a proper little castle with a turret and a maze and a water mossed moat. The carriage house with white washed stone walls can host ceremonies and dinners and dances whilst the characterful grand hall (not too big and not too precious) is perfect also for castle style ceremonies. Honestly, you cannot help but fall in love with Tullibole and its slightly eccentric and totally loveable owner.

So its open weekend was a lot of fun. Tipis in the grounds, peacocks in the trees. A Harpist (the lovely Mary Garrad). We barbequed and served up hot pumpkin soup. Lovely couples - some falling in love with the castle from the minute they set eyes on it. Cake (thankyou The Occasional Cake Company!) Autumn very definitely in the air and some fiery red leaves reminding us, if needed, that the weather was chilling. We had a ball.

One of Tullibole Castle's very scary guard dogs saying hello to our lovely Ola

Lazy Sunday display

Fun biscuits from The Occasional Cake Company

Lovely detail

Delicousness from The Occasional Cake Company

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