Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A chocolate mousse that is dairy, egg, and gluten free. And tastes AMAZING!!!

Can you imagine a dairy, and egg and gluten free chocolate mousse. Trust me - it's actually quite hard to come up with one that is moussey and creamy and doesn't taste like a 'dietary' product. One recipe I tried included avocado - I think for bulk as much as anything else. Not a successful substitute for cream I have to say and the resultant mousse was slimey and quite heavy.

I then tried a recipe that included coconut oil and coconut milk into which you melt vegan chocolate. I couldn't decide if my kitchen smelled like a bounty bar or 1980's suntan cream. Way too much coconut, but interestingly when it was just the coconut milk and the chocolate melting the taste was way nicer.

So I played around some more and the result is a chocolate mousse designed specifically for 1 person that could now be dessert for everyone because it is truly delicious. Try it for yourself and see!

This would also make an excellent filling for a chocolate tart.

Chocolate mousse
Makes 4 - 6 portions (this is a rich dessert, so decide yourself)
Dairy, egg, and gluten free. If you have a nut allergy, but can tolerate coconut - as many nut intolerants can - then you can also enjoy this!

200g dark chocolate
250ml coconut milk (use as much of the thick coconut milk as you can - as opposed to the runny liquid)
60g soya margarine (buy the best quality)
2tbsp maple syrup
A couple of drops of orange essence

Slowly melt the dark chocolate in the coconut milk. Do not boil. And keep stirring. Once the chocolate is fully melted,  whisk in the margarine, honey and orange essence.

Pour into ramekins, or little glasses or teacups. Serve with raspberries and raspberry coulis.