Sunday, 1 October 2017

AUTUMN has arrived!

Today, in the bluster of Autumn and the blowing of leaves, I've been nesting indoors. Candles lit and slippers on, imagining the cooler October days to come and the joy of a roaring fire and logs piled high and puddings and stews and pastries and pies.

With every new season I'm imagining the feasts that we'll be creating a year away. We have to start planning now; creating new seasonal dishes; tweaking old favourites and foraging the hedgerows and the forests for all that Autumn has to offer.

Sometimes friends come knocking - with offers of fruitfall that we gladly accept. Last week was plum week (thankyou friend!), and today - in my slippers and my socks - I've had the best of times. Making crumbles and purees and frangipanes that in turn I'll share with friends. We'll eat round a big table - imagining that this was a wedding feast. How will we serve these dishes? What should we serve them with. Will they make guests smile. Are plum bellinis a thing? (And yes they are, I can confirm!)

Happy Autumn!